Is it really necessary to have management software in a gym?

The answer is a resounding yes. More than necessary, it’s essential. Keep in mind that having the right software can be the key for the correct management of gyms. Once you implement it, you will be able to run your sports business much more efficiently, with the possibility of personalising different functions, and speeding up numerous procedures. Would you like to know more about these and other advantages? Well, keep reading!

The importance of having management software

Gyms, padel clubs, and sports centres belong to a sector in which there is fierce competition. In these sectors, the daily administrative work is often tedious and complicated. Reservations, users, invoicing and accounting, access control, statistical analysis, etc. must all be done. If you have a programme that allows you to facilitate these tasks, you will have more time to attend to what really matters: your customers. Using strategies to outperform the competition and maximising efficiency are today’s keys to development.

How to progress in this new reality.

What is management software? What is it for? Management software is a software application that provides real solutions. It allows you to automate the day-to-day tasks in a centre, its control and monitoring… This is all thanks to technology that comes with innovative tools. The ultimate goal is to offer the best services for gym members and, at the same time, to promote products and services. Moreover, management software is customisable and can be adapted to any type of sports facility. Is it or is it not important to have such software in your business? Note the vital importance of these three service characteristics:

  • Manage everything from one single place. Tailored to your own needs, in a simple and effective way.
  • Invoice and do your accounts without making mistakes. Managing finances in relation to your users in an automated way will allow you to process payments and better control the cash flow. You can create custom payment batches, charge with different payment methods, and automate paid passes and receipts. You will even be able to implement online payment gateways.
  • Community of customers and users. This community can be in your business or in the cloud, but always related to your business. Creating a community to manage your customers and communicate with them is a big step towards digitalisation. This type of software incorporates the necessary elements to get you into the world of digital fitness. In addition, the application works with Android and IOS devices.

What are the benefits for your gym?

There is a value proposition that applies to any company. Being responsible for a business entails performing routine tasks in a quick and efficient manner, allowing you to spend the rest of your time on things that really matters. In the case of gyms, this consists of workouts, routines, classes, advice, and better still, direct contact with customers. Below, we will talk about the advantages of managing a sports centre efficiently:

  • Resawod. The ideal software to manage your box. From updating your calendar of courses and activities to automated control of reservations, access points, points of sale, etc. Total control over your daily routine.
  • Resasports. Specialised software for sports facilities. Simple, intuitive, and adaptable.

1.You save time

Managing the time to carry out all the different activities of a fitness centre is one of the biggest problems. If you improve in that area, you gain in efficiency. You make progress in the care of the facilities, you increase the quality of your classes, and you provide better advice to users. Time is money!

2.Build customer loyalty and attract new customers

By reducing the time it takes you to do routine tasks, you have the possibility to devote more attention to activities that create value for the business. There is nothing better than attracting new customers! Keep in mind that you will increase your membership renewal rate and, as is usually the case when implementing this type of system, you will achieve the full satisfaction of your customers. You will even get recommendations to other customers in your favour. Planning strategies and being more aware of what the competition has to offer are also key tasks. In addition, the new software will set you apart, will allow for classes and courts to be booked, and will help you to personalise your brand. And, best of all, no programming skills are required!

3.Controlling and improving your finances

Do you own a gym? Do you run a large sports centre? Financial management always requires utmost attention to minimise problems. Some of the most common examples are the loss of a reservation to use a certain facility or a class reservation, outstanding payments to suppliers, receipts and refunds, etc.

All of these issues can be handled with the right software. The system helps you to avoid problems and allows you to have optimal integrated management for the proper administration of your sports business. Expenses and income are seamlessly integrated.

Do you still have questions about the advantages of having your own personal software? Proper gym management is essential for the development of your business. You have already seen the many benefits it provides. Take your centre’s management to the next level!

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