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Online booking and capacity control, keys to the ‘new sporting normal’

July, summer, good weather, who does not want to enjoy a swim in the pool and sunbathe, or go back to the gym to resume the ‘bikini operation’ that we have left forgotten during confinement?

The return to the ‘new normal’ in the sports field requires a series of safety and hygiene measures, established by each CCAA, varying according to the type of activities, sports centers, spaces, and sports to be practiced.

Key points for this ‘return to normality’ to be fruitful are the management of online reservations and capacity control, issues that Nubapp has been working on in recent weeks so that its centers can open in compliance with the regulations without difficulties.

Have a sports management software, which allows you to have complete control of activities, resources, courts, etc. that your centre offers, restricting capacity and allowing online booking and payment, is of vital importance.

Online booking

  • With our software you can easily configure a personalized calendar of activities and courses and set the maximum number of bookings for each of them. In this way, you will have the capacity-controlled at all times.
  • With the calendar already created, you can allow you users to book online through the mobile App or through your website.
  • Moreover, with Resapayment online payment system, you can request instant online payment of bookings, ensuring correct payment before the activity begins.
  • Even if you wish, you can configure access control from your platform, denying entry to those who do not have the reservation paid.

Access control and capacity

  • Withour software having capacity control under control is super easy.
  • You will know enter, who leaves, how many bookings you have and in which rooms or venues is that booking.
  • And your users will not find the center full and without being able to enter, because they will be able to book from the mobile or view in the APP how many users there are already in the center.

User App

  • Having a user app with which to manage reservations is essential to boost your sports center.
  • The independence of reservations and purchases of season tickets and vouchers that an app allows is one of the factors that users value the most when choosing a sports center.

With these functionalities you will be able to face the governmental measures adopted in the matter of sports centers, complying with the measures of social distance and limited capacity.

From Nubapp they encourage you to have a Demo, totally free and without obligation so that you know all the functionalities that the software has, and that will help you so that the opening of your center complies with the legislation, in an easy, simple way, and very intuitive.

Request your DEMO totally free and without obligation

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