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Online booking and capacity control: keys to reopening sports centres

The moment that many of us were waiting for.. is approaching! Within the de-escalation processes of the different countries, the reopening of sports centres is coming.

At different scales and under different measures determined according to countries, type of centre, activities and resources and, at all times, in compliance with the strict safety and hygiene standards that are being implemented, gyms and sports centres begin to reopen.

At the beginning of this “sports de-escalation”, online booking and restricted capacity of spaces will be essential requirements so that the centres can reopen their doors and thus receive their users again. To do this, and to do so with all the necessary security, having an automated booking system will undoubtedly be essential to manage your sports centre effectively.

Controlling the online booking of any option that the centre allows, as well as keeping a correct capacity control, will be measures that gyms and sports centres must take for their reopening. From Nubapp we want to leave you these tips so that you can successfully face the de-escalation of your sports centre:

How can I effectively manage the bookings and capacity of my sports centre during the first de-escalation steps?

1-Calendar and limited capacity

Creating a calendar, with all the activities and resources of the centre, and establishing the maximum number of bookings in each one of them, will help you to have the capacity of your centre under control. In addition, with this measure, your users can easily see the activities and resources that can be booked online.

2- Online booking

Having the possibility to book online each of the options that your centre can offer (activities, facilities, courts, etc.) will be, as we said at the beginning, essential when facing this sport de-escalation. Therefore, having an automated online booking system will greatly facilitate the management of your sports centre. In addition, having a mobile application from where your users can book online will undoubtedly help improve your user experience.

3 – In-app payments

Requiring in-app payment for online bookings will also be essential to avoid crowds and comply with the required social distance. In addition, having the payment prior to the activity of each user will allow you to have more time to dedicate yourself to other things of greater importance.

4- Access control to the centre

Being able to control access to your centre, allowing entry only to those who have a booking will also facilitate compliance with government requirements, in addition to having the centre completely under control.

5 – Control of the total capacity of the centre

Some large sports centres will have general capacity restrictions, in addition to more specific capacity restrictions. Controlling the total capacity of the centre and not allowing the booking and / or access when the centre is full, will be essential in these sports centres.

6 – Communication and marketing

Communication with our users, in this period in which we find ourselves, is essential. During the first de-escalation phases, it will be essential to maintain good communication with your community, who must know every time the necessary requirements to be able to go to your centre. In this way, the newsletter, the news, the messaging service and even having a user app, and social networks, are indispensable tools nowadays.

Manage your online bookings and capacity with Nubapp

From Nubapp we know that, although all sports centres are looking forward to the reopening, the doubts do not stop. That is why we have told you about all these specific tools that our software has, and that will help you to adapt your centre and comply with all the reopening requirements.

Online booking management

Free user app

Online payments

Activity management

Facilities management

User Management

Access control

Capacity control

Communication and marketing tools

The Nubapp team is by your side to answer any questions you may have regarding the reopening of your sports centre and offer you specific solutions for each case.

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