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Crossfit Sanctionals 2020

We collect the calendar of all Crossfit competitions that will qualify for the Crossfit Games 2020.

After the end of the Open 2020, the Crossfit Sanctionals begin, the official international competitions of the entity to win a place in the grand final of Madison.

From November to July, Crossfit lovers will be able to enjoy a total of 28 official events, spread over 21 countries around the world, where we will meet the great favorites for the Fittest on Earth as well as new faces who will give a lot to talk about.

Do you want to know the dates of all the events? Don’t miss any!


Crossfit Filthy 150.

  • November 22-24, 2019
  • Dublin, Ireland

Ireland opens sanctionals from November 22-24, where athletes ranked in the National Champion and athletes in the top 20 of the Open will compete to qualify with the Madison target.


Pandaland Crossfit Challenge

  • December 7-8, 2019
  • Chengdu, China

From Ireland, we will travel to China in early December to enjoy the first of two competitions to be held there.

Dubai Crossfit Championship

  • December, 11-14, 2019
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

China will be followed by Dubai, where under the intense sun of the United Arab Emirates athletes will battle for a place at the 2020 Crossfit Games.

The southfit Crossfit Challenge

And from Dubai, we jumped to America, specifically Argentina, in the largest competition in Latin America, where many athletes will challenge each other before the New Year.


Crossfit Mayhem Classic

After the hangover of the Christmas festivities, the box of Rich Froning, the most decorated athlete in Crossfit, will host the first sanctioned competition of 2020, which will be reserved exclusively for individual athletes.

Crossfit Strength in Depth

  • January 24-26, 2020
  • London, United Kingdom

At the end of January, we will move to the United Kingdom, to enjoy the sanctioned competition in London, where Elite, Team, Masters and Team athletes will qualify for the Affiliate Cup.


Crossfit Fittest in cape town

In February, we will go from the hot and good weather of South Africa to the cold of Norway. In Cape Town, we will enjoy, in addition to Crossfit, its beaches and its blue sky.

Norwegian Crossfit Championship

Nothing to envy to the sights of South Africa will have the Norwegian Crossfit Championships with its snow and its mountain, where the individual winners and the team winners will get a direct invitation to the Crossfit Games 2020.

Wodapalooza Crossfit Festival

The Miami Crossfit festival, full of music and good vibes, will take place in February, where we will surely see Tia-Clair Toomey at the top again.


Australian Crossfit Championship

From Miami, we go to Australia, where at the beginning of March we will enjoy the official competition of this country.

Brazil Crossfit Championship

At the same time as the Australian competition, we will be able to see the second competition in Latin America, where athletes from all over the world will try to get their place for the 2020 Games.

Reykjavik Crossfit Championship

In March we will also enjoy the Crossfit competition for the 2020 Games in Iceland.

West Coast Crossfit Classic

  • March 20-22, 2020.
  • Del Mar, United States

The new official competition for this season in the United States will be held in March in Del Mar.

Crossfit German Throwdown

One of the best known European competitions this year becomes part of the Crossfit Games Sanctionals, giving its participants the option to gain a foothold in Madison.


Crossfit Atlas Games

From Montreal we will be able to enjoy one of the first competitions in French-speaking regions, where Elite and team athletes can qualify for Madison.

Elfit Crossfit Championship

And from Canada we will travel to Egypt, where we will see African and southern European athletes play under the blazing Egyptian sun.

Crossfit Challenge

Also in April, we will enjoy the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit competition where athletes will compete for their spot in Madison from the American capital.

Crossfit Italian Showdown.

The Italian country has been hosting this competition for years, which this year becomes Sanctional for the 2020 Games.


Madrid Crossfit Championship

We arrived in the Spanish capital, where this year the Madrid Crossfit Championship competition was born, sanctional for the 2020 Games.

Asia Crossfit Championship

We travel to China again in May to celebrate the second competition in this country, in this case, in the city of Shanghai.

The Rogue Invitational

Also in May, we will be able to enjoy the Rogue competition, a competition closed exclusively to athletes who receive an invitation from the entity.

Down Under Crossfit Championship

Australia’s second competition will take place in May, where athletes from Oceania will compete for a place in the Games.

Crossfit Lowlands Throwdown.

In May we Europeans will be able to enjoy another chance to qualify for the 2020 Crossfit Games, this time from the Netherlands.


Can West Crossfit Championship

June begins in Candá, specifically in Vancouver, where we will enjoy three days of competition from the elite of Crossfit.

The Granite Games

June begins in Candá, specifically in Vancouver, where we will enjoy three days of competition from the elite of Crossfit.

Asbury Summer Games

A few days later, follow me in the United States, this time in New Jersey, with one of the new official events of the 2020 season.

Crossfit French Throwdown

Until the end of June we will have to wait to enjoy one of Resawod’s favorite events, the French, where athletes from all over Europe and surely, many athletes from the Resawod team, will compete to get the plane ticket to Madison.


Mayan Crossfit Championship

The Riviera Maya, what better place to finish the Sanctionals than Mexico. Athletes, and those of us who watch it streaming, will surely enjoy a lot of crosfit on its splendid beaches, in this new event of the season.

From November to July, Crossfit lovers will have a full schedule of events and competitions to follow, where we can enjoy this great sport and the Crossfit community. Surely many of you, owners and users of Resawod, will compete in one, or at least, you will go as spectators. We will follow these events closely from Nubapp, so if you are going to participate in any, let us know so we can send you all our energy!

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